Meet our talented local photographers


Sunan Bio 3

- I'm from Bali, precisely Sengkidu village, Manggis, Karangasem district, East Bali. I was second of 3 brothers. My older brother died in infancy and my younger brother works at one of the five star restaurants in Seminyak.

- I started photography as a hobby with my camera phone and finally decided to buy a DSLR camera in October 2012.

- Bali is an island of thousands of temples with diverse cultures and customs that are different to each other. Many foreigners visit to enjoy the beauty of our paradise island. Besides having beautiful, mountains, lakes and waterfalls, Bali is famous for its people being very friendly.

- I prefer landscape photography. Sometimes culture photography as I remember Bali is known abroad for its culture.

- I have spent the last 3 years doing photography as a hobby but have never sold my work. We need a company that helps to sell our pictures and keep everything in accordance with applicable regulations.

Sunan is also on Instagram @sunanbali


Dwi Aryana

- I was born in 1996 in Denpasar and from the original Legian Village. I have a sister and brother and live with my parents. My dad is also known as Mr Cookie. He has owned and run a surf shop in Legian for 20 years and is well known amongst the aussies. He recently had to close the doors to the shop as rent had become too expensive! My mum helps make locally made clothes that are exported to Australia.

- I have been taking photos for 3 years now and studying in at College.

- I love Balinese culture and nature the best and enjoy taking photos of landscape and culture the most.

- Getting the timing right in the best moment is my biggest challenge I face as a photographer.

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Wah Poenk

- I am from Peliatan, Ubud, Bali. I am the first son of my parents I Gusti Made Suwinia, my father, and Ni Wayan Sutri, my mother.

- I started in photography 5 years ago.

- I love culture, art and nature of Bali. I love to capture all about Bali, landscape, culture and human interest images. I really like showing the real Bali to visitors.

- The biggest challenges as a photographer in Bali is capture all about culture in Bali because Bali have many beautiful cultures from different traditional villages.

Wah also takes fantastic wedding photographs and can be found on Instagram @wahpoenk



- I was born in a small village called Bongan Gede located in the Tabanan district of Bali. I am a father of 2 little daughters and live with my wife and my mum.

- I started photography in 2003 and started my own wedding photography business in

- Bali is a small island with so many traditional interest. I love the interaction between people, their cultures and of course the landscape. It's a paradise!

- I love to photograph Balinese culture and landscape.

- The most challenging aspect of being a photographer in Bali is I have to think harder to find a better picture than others as there are so many people that have same interest in culture photography.

Check out Budi at @inibudibali on Instagram as he also does amazing wedding photography



- I am from Ubud, Bali and I am the first son of four. I am the only one in my family that is interested in photography.

- I started photography 10 years ago and I also work as a tour guide. Travel photography is my interest too and I take photos of my clients during the tours.

- I love the culture in Bali.

- My favourite subjects to shoot are landscape and the people with culture shots very important to me too.

- The biggest challenge for me in photography is how to take great pictures with limited lenses and at times with only one lens.

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- I was born in Jember, East Java. Following a period of working outside Indonesia I was attracted to the island of Bali. I have now been in Bali for over 14 years. My daughter was born here and I love calling Bali home.

- I am very new to photography, I started in 2014 when I was given a Nikon SLR D3200 and haven't looked back. Since this time I have been studying the art of photography through lots of reading and trial and error with my photo shoots.

- The atmosphere in Bali is possibly the thing I enjoy most. Also the diversity of the landscape.

- I love the long exposure photos of sunrise and sunset. You can really feel when you get the perfect shot. It makes up for getting up early or staying up late.

- My biggest challenge is to get my name well known as a photographer in Bali. Also trying to avoid getting bitten by crabs and small sea creatures is challenging!!

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- I am from Batannyuh Village, Tabanan, Bali. I am the first born and have a younger sister.

- I first held a DSLR camera in March 2013. When i started I did not know what to do and I finally met a friend who invited me to learn with him.

- I love the culture and nature of Bali. I also love the people of Bali for being so hospitable.

- Bali's unspoiled nature with it's beautiful landscapes are my favourite to photograph. Also the unique culture of Bali.

- The biggest challenge as a photographer in Bali is how to make beautiful photos and great views of people.

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